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Boiler Servicing- When and Whom to Call

The fact that boiler systems should be serviced regularly is often neglected by many property owners. But if you want to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning and other risks related to poorly maintained boilers, you should not deny the fact that you need to have it checked regularly. Aside from safety, among the benefits of having a regularly serviced boiler is economy and reliability. As the cold season is approaching, having a broken boiler is the last thing you can imagine, and an emergency call-out costs over a £100 which is very steep. You could free yourself from all these hassles if you had your boiler regularly checked such minor issues can be sorted out and prevented from escalating.

How Often Do You Need Your Boiler Serviced

Boiler Servicing Leicester

Boiler Servicing Leicester

An annual boiler servicing is what most energy companies recommend. Complying with this recommendation would ensure you a warm and comfortable indoor temperature during the winter season and save you from costly repairs due to boiler breakdowns.

Whom to Call When Your Boiler Breaks

While most people opt to call their energy providers when their boiler breaks, some homeowners, especially those who don’t have insurance, find it more expensive as they have to pay £75 and above for the service. Before making a call to your energy provider, make sure to check out the following options in advance
  • • Check the Warranty Boiler manufacturers offer a different length of warranty and guarantee on their products. Make sure to check if your equipment is still covered by its warranty so you can have it fixed free of charge.
  • • Check your Home Insurance Some home insurance policies include boilers on the list of things they cover. It will be a great idea to check if your equipment is covered so you won’t need to pay for the service.
  • • Check with your landlordIf you are renting a flat or home, it’s not your responsibility to pay for the boiler service. Make sure to check with your landlord for your boiler service needs unless the damage was caused by your own negligence.
  • • Check with a local engineerYou might also find enquiring and requesting a quote from a local engineer beneficial as they usually charge less than energy providers.
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